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Spring colors 1/11
9 May 2011

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New York, New York
2 May 2011

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29 April 2011

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11 April 2011

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Sicilia! 7
26 March 2011

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Sicilia! 2
21 March 2011

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Auguri Italia!
17 March 2011

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A glance at the past
8 March 2011

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28 January 2011

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Red cravings (2 of 2)
27 January 2011

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Ghost ship
14 January 2011

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Colors in the fog
12 December 2010

Recent Comments

jeffrey on Spring colors 11/11
thanks for all your posts and sharing of you photos!

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Spring colors 11/11
it s a pleasure to have meeted you with your shots, you re going to miss us, but take care and keep going on simone ☺

CElliottUK on Spring colors 11/11
Oh, what a pity! It's been great "knowing" you

MARIANA on Spring colors 11/11
Oh, I did not read above . So, your last picture on Am3 ? I wish you all the best if you continue posting your pictures ...

MARIANA on Spring colors 11/11
beautiful ;)

zia Leti on Spring colors 11/11
Per il concorso "un fiore al giorno toglie tristezza di torno, si aggiudica il primo premio lo scatto ...

Veronique on Spring colors 11/11
bye-bye !

jeffrey on Spring colors 10/11

Stefanie on Spring colors 10/11
Beautiful colors.

Curly on Spring colors 10/11
Love the depth of colour here.

Marie LC on Spring colors 10/11
Beautiful colors and light

zia Leti on Spring colors 9/11
Lovely composition and DOF!

franz on Spring colors 8/11
i like the concentration on the ONE flower, and i find the dark surroundings rather attractive!

Veronique on Spring colors 8/11
a bit too dark for me ;-)

franz on Spring colors 7/11
these are very extraordinary and strikingly handsome tulips, simone! well seen, and captured with nice dof and bokeh!

Shahryar on Spring colors 7/11
beautiful :)

MARIANA on Spring colors 7/11
very nice :)

Marie LC on Spring colors 7/11
lovely colors

Veronique on Spring colors 7/11
lovely flowers they have water-paint splashes

CElliottUK on Spring colors 7/11
What a lovely series!

CElliottUK on Spring colors 7/11
What a lovely series!

London Caller on Spring colors 6/11
Such a lovely colour!

marci on Spring colors 6/11
really lovely - they go on and on and on...

Francesca on Spring colors 6/11
Lovely! <3

Sergei Z on Spring colors 6/11

Doug Hickok on Spring colors 6/11
Wonderful color and pattern. I wish you all the best. Thank you!

Curly on Spring colors 6/11
Beautifully worked image, lovely colours

CElliottUK on Spring colors 6/11
The blue, green and pink work well together

MARIANA on Spring colors 5/11
beautiful !

zia Leti on Spring colors 5/11
Magnifico scatto! Guardando quest'immagine si sente il profumo della primavera... ma è la 5/11, alla fine ...

Veronique on Spring colors 5/11
very nice mixture of colors and flowers and an excellent dof

Francesca on Spring colors 5/11
Questa e' bellissima! Mi mancherai explorateur! :*

MARIANA on Spring colors 4/11
lovely . great focus !

Kenny on Spring colors 3/11
These last few photos are very nice, but this one is my favorite. It's so alive!

franz on Spring colors 3/11
what a beautiful farewell, simone! love the rich tones of the forget-me-nots and the tulips half hiding in them! all ...

Shar on Spring colors 3/11
Lovely composition and DOF!

CElliottUK on Spring colors 3/11
The white and purple work so well together

zia Leti on Spring colors 3/11
Tulipani e non ti scordar color rosa ... a Bruntino sono azzurri. ... saranno tutti maschietti !!! hihihi ;)

Veronique on Spring colors 3/11
oh ! what a shame you had so nice pictures to show but I agree that it takes a lot of time. Fortunately life is not ...

franz on Spring colors 2/11
very sorry to see you go, simone! if you ever come back, please stop by my blog again!

CElliottUK on Spring colors 2/11
Perhaps slightly under-exposed?

zia Leti on Spring colors 2/11
Nooooo!!! Do the physics is too demanding?

Veronique on Spring colors 2/11
they smell so nice ! my favorite flowers with lilac (tomorrow you'll see the same flower on my page)

Veronique on Spring colors 1/11
awesome hairy tulip !!

franz on Spring colors 1/11
very attractive dof and bokeh, and nice details on the sharp one!

CElliottUK on Spring colors 1/11
Very nice

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Eggstravaganza III
ha ha, really fun with theses hats :-))

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on New York, New York
excelent combinaison ! a really good job 5* take care ☺

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on New York, New York
nice composition simone i hope you re doing fine, take care ☼

franz on New York, New York
great compo in a great frame!

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